TSL Products Development and Release Status:


TSL Pro: Released in 2006. October 2023 update: Cycle/Seasonal specific design and Custom PreProcessing UI. Traders may now create custom, “must have” conditions for learning to occur. Security enhancements for intermittent Internet connections available.


TSL Lite: Released in 2023. 3 million bar, higher subsystem count, combined Long/Short version available. Daytrading performance on Sequestered Data exceeds expectations. End Of Day Systems exceed expectations. Code exported for EL, PL and C#: Ninja. Client feedback has been excellent.


Quant Systems Lab: Available for License. Daytrading and EOD integration and updates continue. TradeType implementation continues. Translator V1 available, massive, 73x speedup verified, 40+ threads tested, 64 core Threadripper.


World Algo:

Operational on AWS. Live and virtual testing and trading continuing.

Strategy integration and development continuing.

Addition of multi broker and multi data API interfaces continues.

World Algo planned capability is for Clients to trade through several different brokers and access several different data feeds.

We plan on internal trading to begin on or before December 15, 2023 with release to Beta shortly after that.