Trading System Lab


One of the major complaints that clients who use trading platforms have is that you need to be a programmer to write trading systems. Many clients who wish to trade systems do not have a background in programming. Trading System Lab (TSL) automatically evolves trading systems using a high speed Genetic Program (GP) that writes trading system code. This significantly reduces the time necessary to design trading systems and lowers the programming experience necessary. Trading System designs are accomplished in 3 primary steps: Preprocessing, Evolution and Translation. All 3 steps are highly automated and simplistic in TSL. To design a trading system in TSL you do not need to write a single line of code as your work with GP evolved code will be to simply copy and paste it into TradeStation® or the platform of your choice.

Trading Platforms and Users

For traders that use platforms other than TradeStation, some programming will be required to complete the interface. There is a large selection of trading platforms available to the trader today and TSL has not developed an interface to all of them past present and future. However, if users have experience with a specific trading platform and can accomplish some programming, then TSL should interface nicely. Additionally, TSL has a solution provider that can assist clients in their implementation of the evolved trading systems into the platform of their choice. As long as data preprocessing can be accomplished and evolved C, JAVA, Assembler, C#, EasyLanguage, WealthLab or VB code can be run, the TSL evolved strategies will function on alternate platforms.

The typical TSL client ranges from investment professionals managing large funds or allocations to private individuals who wish to make use of machine learning techniques to supplement or replace their manual design techniques. Some TSL users are highly experienced programmers while others have no programming experience at all. The amount of money managed by TSL clients is not always correlated to their programming experience. As the technology in Trading System Lab moves forward, the level of automation will increase requiring still less programming experience to utilize even more capabilities of this machine designed trading system technology. At some point a right mouse click “DESIGN!”, might be all that is required of a typical TSL Platform user.